Jewellery that lasts a lifetime

In our modern world, where life is fast and so much is disposable, many of us yearn for the sort of quality and longevity associated with days gone by, when details mattered.

 At Petersons, we endeavour to keep one foot in the past, whilst also incorporating modern ideas and 21st century techniques. Being a genuine family run business generates an enthusiastic approach to our work, and a fiercely upheld ethos seldom found on the high street. 



New Diamond Band Collection

We are excited to bring you a new range of exquisite diamond bands & eternity rings rings. Click on the button below to view the range.

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Our Jewellery

''First and foremost, we appreciate that every piece of jewellery purchased is special, and represents the most precious of sentiments; the very best of times. 

Indeed, this is the most rewarding aspect of our work, and we never under-estimate the importance of occasion."

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