Complaints & dispute

We will make every effort to provide you with excellent articles and service upon our Terms of Sale and Supply, our trade association codes of conduct. Should you find yourself to be not totally satisfied, wish to make a complaint or consider there to be a potential dispute between us the following procedures are intended to assist.


Please in the first instant seek to speak with Petersons Jewellers, our principal owner or write to us by post or email to describe the complaint using Contact Us. When doing this please have ready or provide all pertinent information and refer to particular provisions of these terms and conditions where relevant. If writing to us please provide your contact details which we may use to telephone or write to you. We will respond to your complaint as quickly as possible and make our best efforts to find a satisfactory solution while also respecting our understanding of our trade body codes of conduct, our Terms of Sale and Supply and background law.  


If we have exhausted the internal complaint handling procedure and cannot fully settle the complaint we will inform you in writing. Thereafter you may also take up the matter using the complaints and mediation services of our trade associations: NAJ (National Association of Jewellers of Great Britain).


We are not required to participate in ADR provided by a statutorily approved ADR entity but will consider doing so on a case by case basis. Suitable ADR entities for the jewellery sector, including resolution using an online platform may be located at here including The London Arbitration Centre.


Advice may be obtained through Citizens AdviceWhich consumer help service or Trading Standards.